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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town

    1.pomegranates ( 3 varieties :
  • "hilou" sweet
  • "mizi" medium
  • "hamidh" sour. )
    2. abricot
    3. figs ( 4 varieties:
  • "bakour" big green soft fruit not known alot, maturity: mid May
  • "saifi" small yellowish fruit maturity: beginning of June
  • "badsi" big coloured green appreciated by all, maturity: beginning of July
  • "kherfi" medium fruit usually reddish brownish, maturity beginning of August until October.
    4. vine ( varieties:
  • "inba safra " yellow vine
  • "inba hamra " red vine
    5. apple tree.
    The farmers used large basin for each date palm tree. In each basin one could find a vine and between basins, there were pomegranates and figs. these farmers used land economically.The space left was for crops. They grew vegetables they needed for their consumption.
    Ouled Djellal farmers were very famous for their care fore date palm trees.It is their precious source of food and money. Most of the people have gardens even if they had another job. It is like a small wealth. Farmers prayed before the sun rises , then went directly to to their gardens. They were very energetic active people. They were naive.
    They suffered alot because of the lack of tools and engines to extract water from wells. They would very happy when the stream ( Oued Djedi : dry river that is full of water some times in the year ) came with water. They watered their gardens when the water came even if it is at night. All the farmers rushed to help each other and took profit from this rare natural water.
    Few people get interested in other fruits for a large scale. Now the surface coverage is very important compared to the past.

    Please for more information, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to add more text on it. Thank you

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