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Traditions and Customs
Arab Traditions

The first one is the Arab traditions and customs. These ones are based on historical and the environmental factors. They are deeply rooted in the people's mind and are very difficult to change. Usually one can differentiate them from other traditions by comparing them to Islamic principles. For this, a person must know Islam very well. An well educated Imam ( a priest responsible to do prayers in the mosque) could do that. I will state now an typical Arab tradition.Well sitting in the streets and in cafes is a well known behaviour of Arabs. People glance at people, wanting who is passing, why he or she passes in the street and where she or he goes. They want to know information that usually is not their business. On the contrary Islam asks people not follow people either in the streets or anywhere else. Islam is for private intimacy. If getting these information is for help. this is appreciated, but by no means a way to cheat at people and criticising their behavious. Islam asks people to advise each other in a polite way for the best.
Here are some old photos of old tools used in the past
methred: big wooden container kanshou: a hook used to catch things fallen in the well old lamps and swords used in the past old pots swords and lamps old wooden and metal swords

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