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    Ouled Djellal:
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Pillars of Islam
    1.eat and drink.
    2. have sex.
    3. have gossip.
    4. quarrel and argue with people.
    during the days of Ramadan 9 before the sun rises until the sun sets.
    Many things are encouraged to do like
    1. giving charity (money clothes, if not a smile )to the poor.
    2. reading the holy Koran.
    3. visiting relatives and friends.
    4. praying on time and in the mosque.
    The goals of ramadan are:
    1. To develop patience and string will for muslims.
    2. To care of the poor and help them and get to know them.
    3. To socialize.
    4. To repent for sinful people.
    5. To ask forgiveness from God and from anyone who a muslim has misconducted.
    6. To repair any bad relation with people.
    7. To develop a strong relation with Allah and ask paradise as the ultimate goal for any muslim on earth.

    Please for more information, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to add more text on it. Thank you

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