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    Ouled Djellal:
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How to marry? When the mother choses a girl, she tells her son first. The girl must be virgin since Islam forbids sexual relations before marriage as a general rule. Afterwards, the parents ( father and mother)and their son ask for a meeting with the other family. Now , usually They accept the guests. The girl should serve the guests coffee, cakes and lemonade. Most of the time the son sees the girl and vice versa in the meeting. Some families let the son and the girl speak to each other alone.In Islam, the man should see the girl unveiled.It means he should see her beauty. If the man is pleased, this is a sign for engagement. If not excuses are given. They say " El maktoub" ( written) meaning that Allah knows that this marriage will not be valid. Allah knows our past, present and future. We , we don't know.
Now for the girl , it is the same thing. If she accept the man, this is a sign for her engagement. Generally the bride tells her mother for her consent. Now after this meeting, the parents of the girl ask for a time to make a decision.
This is very important for the parents of the bride because the future of the bride is in their hands. So they should choose the best man. A man who drinks alcohol ( do sins ) or has bad reputation is refused politely.Generally people who drink lead their family to failure. After the approval, there will be another meeting for how much money and gold should be given to the girl. This is very important. No marriage is free, because in Islam the bride (woman ) should have this right to have sufficient gold and money for her. It is her right.On the contrary, the bridegroom should have nothing. This because he is responsible for the family support.

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