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Traditions and Customs
Islam Traditions
The second category is Islam traditions and customs. Many uneducated people confuse Islam and Arab traditions. They think that they are doing islamic tradition, but in reality they are doing arab traditions. Imams ( priests ) try always to mention these differences and asks people to be aware of that.An example of that is the funeral. People when taking the dead person speak loudly saying " la illaha ila laah Mohamed rasoulou laah " meaning "There is no God than Allah, Mohamed is the prophet of Allah". Now this is not Islamic. Islam asks people to be silent and not say any word. Why Because the family members think that Allah is agaist them that is why there is a death in their family.
Here are some old photos of old tools used in the past
methred: big wooden container kanshou: a hook used to catch things fallen in the well old lamps and swords used in the past old pots swords and lamps old wooden and metal swords

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