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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
Famous Scientists

    Lakhdar Tatai
    Cheikh El Nouaimi
    Smatti Mohamed Ben Laabed

    Lakhdar Tatai
    Lakhdar Tatai was born in Ouled Djellal in 1921. He was an orphin.He lived in a simple family. He went to zaouia kadiria ( school for religious knowledge only) in 1934. He was taught by Omar Tatai. He finished his study in 1940. Then he bacame an Imam teaching koran in Sidi Barkat mosque. After that he went to Tolga in 1945 to continue his studies in zaouia Ali Ben Omar for 13 years.Then when finshing hus studies, he went back to Ouled Djellal in 1958 to teach there. Then, he went to Shaira to teach there for 4 years. In 1974, he came back to Ouled Djellal again. There he taught koran. He was a very professional imam since all his students learned koran by heart and always got prizes in a national scale. This because he was sincere and had a new way to teach koran. Later, he set upt a koranic school in Doucen. He died on 16 October 2003.
    Lakhdar Tatai devoted all his life to teaching Koran and principles of Islam. He was very sincere. He tried all his life to be a model of a muslim in his behaviour either in his intimate life or social one. All his students learned from him koran and Islam teachings.

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