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Pillars of Islam
    "Hadj" (pilgrimage) is the fifth pillar of Islam. A muslim should do this duty once in his or her life if he has essential things:
  • 1. good health.
    Here a muslim must be in a good health because, this trip needs alot of physical and mental efforts.
  • 2. have sufficient money to do the trip.
    Well a muslim should not have loans to go pilgrimage. If he has property that he can use later to give back the money here he could.
  • 3. safety of the trip.
    If the trip is not safe, Islam asks muslims not to go to Mekka especially in times of wars or conflicts.
  • 4. be a muslim.
    Islam asks muslims to do pilgrimage to Mekka . no other religious people can access these saint places except for muslims.
  • 5. be an adult.
    Children can do pilgrimage, but it is not accepted as pilgrimage until they are adult. If so, they should do it again.
  • 6. have reason.
    People who have psychological or brain problems can not go there. If cured, Islam allow them to go .
    Pilgrimage is to go to visit the Holy places of Islam.These places are very known by muslims:Mekka, musdalifa, moutain of arafat, minan, Medina, the mosque of the prophet Peace Be upon him.
    Most of the practices are ancestral. It means they belong to the well known prophet Abraham Peace Be Upon Him. Abraham and Ismail his son built "Kaaba" ( the big square room in the middle of El harem el charif in Mekka.) I tis the "House of Allah". Allah asked them to build it.
    Now about 5 million muslim join in this place each year. It is the first and big meeting of religious people worldwide.
    A muslim comes to purify himself from all the sins he has done in his life. These sins either big or small should be considered. Allah forgives all who are sincere and have a good faith in him.

    Please for more information, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to add more text on it. Thank you

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