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Pillars of Islam
  • 1."Chahada" Testimony
  • 2."Salat" Prayer
  • 3. "Zakat" Charity
  • 4. "Saoum Ramadan" Fasting the month of Ramadan
  • 5. "Hadj" Pilgrimage to Mekka

  • 2."Salat" Prayer
    Praying is the second pillar of Islam. It is its backbone. A muslim must pray 5 times a day.
    These daily prayers are:
    1. El fadjr ( early morning before the sun rises at 5 a.m.)
    2. E dohor ( at midday, usually 1 p.m.)
    3. El Asr ( about 5 p.m. )
    4. El magreb ( after the sun sets, about 8.30 p.m )
    5. El isha ( about 10 p.m.)
    The prayer rhythms the daily life of the muslim. A muslim worships Allah alone. A muslim knows that Allah controls all. So why to ask people and Allah is there? A muslim must maintain this googd relation with Allah all his or her life. No one can give life or oxygen or water, happiness, paradise to anyone. All the people die, Allah does not. This intimate and direct relation between any man or woman on earth and Allah is very important. any one can ask God what he wants, God answers him or her. There is a weekly prayer which occurs on Friday in the mosque ( the place where muslims do the prayer ). All the people should come to this prayer at midday in replacement of E dohor prayer. The Imam ( priest ) preaches a lesson of Islam. No one is permitted to speak. This is to save time. Questions can be asked later directly to the Imam. There are other prayers related to the two feasts: Aid El Seguir ( the small feast ) and Aid el kebir ( The big feast ). The funeral prayer mentioned before.There are other minor prayers for certain occassions.

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