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Pillars of Islam

    1."Chahada" Testimony

    These testimonies are the key to convert to Islam. Without them, a person can not be a muslim. There are two testimonies:
    First Testimony

    First is to testify that there is no God than Allah. What does it mean?
    Description of Allah (God)

    Testifying the existence of Allah as God is the first step to understand the goal from this life. Allah is alone, no other god or gods share with him power or creation.Allah is the creature of all the universe. Things that we know and things that we don't know.He never sleeps. He knows all even the smallest atom or less than that. He lives and never dies. He has no beginnning and no end. He is everywhere meaning that he he controls all and nowhere meaning no one can know his nature since nature is his creation. This knowledge is beyond the human mind. That is why searching for the nature of Allah is wasting the time forever.In Islam Allah has 99 names. These names qualify him as stated in the Holy Koran. Any muslim must has this testimony as the ultimate truth.This testimony is the key to Islam.
    Second Testimony

    With the first testimony combined with second one, we have the first pillar of Islam. They are the first key to belong to Islam religion.
    The second testimony is to testify that Mohamed ( Peace Be Upon Him) is the prophet of Allah.This means that Mohamed is the last prophet from God. No prophet will come after him until ressurection.This means alot. By testifying this, all the prophets peace Be Upon Them that come before Mohamed Peace be upon him are valid. It means that Mohamed came to complete the religion of God and to correct the mistakes and alteration people have made to the teaching of the previous of all the divine religions before Him.All the muslims should apply what the prophet has preached through the holy Book Koran.

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