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    Ouled Djellal:
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The First Day
Generall the first day is Tuesday. Well for the family of the bridegroom, they begin with having meat from the sheep. The number of sheep depends on the family guests. All the slaughter and the cutting of the sheep is done by the family members or relatives or sometimes they hire a butcher.Well, alot of relatives come to help. No wedding activity is done in the house.
For the bride's family the wedding has began since at night, they make "El henna" ( a powder made from the leaves of a desertic tree) for the bride in her house. The relatives are there to be the marriage. Usually the bride sits on a chair and her intimate friends are near to help her for the make up. Generally, a close relative or her best friend to assist the bride, it is a very important moment in the bride's life. The family try to show the clothes bought for the wedding. Relatives, friends and guests dance and listens to music. Cakes, lemonade, tea, coffee are served. No men should be there. This is an Arab tradition. For Islam, it is the case because those women are having make up and may be unveiled. So men have not to see them. Arab men are jealous by nature.

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