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    Ouled Djellal:
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The Fourth Day
The fourth day is Friday. It is the last day in the wedding process. In this day, the family of bride send alot of dishes to the bridegroom family. Usually the bridegroom invited some of his best friends and some relatives for these dishes. In the house of the bridegroom, there is an event which is very important. It is "habban el roos". The bride kisses the front of all the relatives and some guests who are there. When kissed, the relatives or the guest must give cash money. An old person accopany the bride to collect the money into the dress of the bride. It a way to show sympathy to the new bride and to support the new born family. It depends on the relatives and guests. Generally, it is not alot. The bridegroom does the same thing. At night, the bride and the bridegroom counts the money. By this the wedding ends. Some of the old relatives especially womem stays other days to help the bridegroom family for all the cleaning and the washing of vessels. xxxx

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