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    Ouled Djellal:
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The Second Day
The second day is Wednesday. At night, the bride is prepared to leave their house. It is very emotional time, since the bride will leave for ever her parents, brothers and sisters. Her best friend who will assist her should be married. Sexual education is very important. That means the bride knows how to deal with her bridegroom. In the bridegroom house, the women begin to prepare for a kind of bread called "Fettir" ( very slight bread cut into small pieces for Shakhshoukha. Also, they prepare vegetables to be ready for cooking. Generally, at night the wedding begins in the bridegroom house. The bridegroom family and relatives go to bring the bride from her house. Alot of car drivers usally relatives and thr bridegroom friends come to take the parents and most of the relatives to go to the bride house.They usually use horns. Most of the time, the weddings are in summer, but now people change to winter because of the hot weather. When they are these, they will be greeted and given cakes and lemonade. All the people are happy. Usually, they don't stay for long. They take the bride with her friend and few closely relatives to accompany her.As I said before, sometimes the mother of the bride and her close relatives cry.
Now coming back to the bridegroom, usally the drivers make a long chain of cars and make a tour in the town to make the wedding known. Islam asks people to celebrate marriage and to make it famous. Good deeds must be known by all. When at home, the bride sits on a chair and all the bridegroom relatives greet the bride with dancing, listening to music. The bridegroom is in another house. This is a tradition. He will go first to his house with few friends to have the " henna". There is an arab tradition of breaking the plate where the henna is. Islam does not like these traditions. After that he comes back to the other house to meet his friends. Usually they greet him and wish him a good marriage.His friends they are given coofee, tea, cakes, lemonade. The friends dance and listen to music.Genarally, when the bride is ready to receive the bridegroom, he will be called to come back to his parents house. When he comes, he is usually with a relative and his best friend. They try to give help to the brideroom if he needs it. When he enters the house, the women clear him the way to the room. He must bring a gift. It is usually candies and nuts. This is because the brideroom is shy.He greets her. Some bridegroom follow Islam principles like to pray with her. Generally the bride encourages the bridegroom to begin caress and kisses. This is very important. This is because, it is their first meeting. When the sexual relation has been finished. The bridegroom goes out from the room. Some uneducated brides following the Arab traditional of having blood on a piece of cloth. The bride gives this to the person who accompany her to show to the mother of the bridegroom that the bride is virgin. Islam forbids this. Islam asks the new married to be leave intimate things for themselves. Why? Because Islam want the new married to trust each other. And Islam is very generous not to worry about the past. Allah (God) forgives all the sins. Another thing, sometimes there is a divorce on the first night, because the bridegroom does not see the blood after having the first sexual relation. He thinks that she is not virgin. Though, this is not true. After that,in the early morning, the bridegroom goes back to another house where he has received guests. He usually sleeps. No one is there exept his relative or friend who accompany him.

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