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    Ouled Djellal:
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The Third Day

The third day is Thursday.Well, in the morning the family of bridegroom sends Shakhshoukha dish to the the family of bridegroom. The bridegroom family and all the guests and relatives are very happy, because all go well during last night. At night, the bride usually is very tired since they don't let her sleep as she wishes. All the women and the mother of bridegroom greet her since all go well. in the morning, the bride show all the clothes that she bought. This is called "El hizam" ( the belt). For me this is not a good habit, because if there are not alot of clothes, women will speak badly about the bride family. Islam does not ask people to show off. Islam asks the bride and the bridegroom to be intimate and to keep their secrets for themselves.
At the sunset, there is the big feast " El Walima or Ataam" in the house of the bridegroom. All the relatives and other guests are asked to come to eat Couscous. This dish is well known. There are two Couscous, one with vegetables and the second is with pumpkin alone. It has a yellow brown colour. Some people can come without invitation. Here the families are very generous. There is no invitation cards. Some old people should be invited by person because they are old and must be respected. Other young and children can come without invitation. In this dish, it is served in the wooden vessel called "Gasaa". It is a traditional round wooden plate.guests go around it and eat. They are given a piece of meat and a leminade. When going out the house they are served some cakes. This feast does not long alot. It could not exceed 2 hours. Why? Because guests by traditional do not stay a long time. There are women nearby in other rooms. So it is very fast. When the guests who are all men leave the women begin to eat and then it is time for dancing and music. At night, the bride and bridegroom meet again to spend the night together. Generally there is no sex, because the bride can not due to the first night blooding. This night is for love and psychological trust and intimacy. It is a way to know each other more and to appreciate good qualities for both. Generally the bridegroom should praise the bride for her beauty and the ethical features that she has.

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